Bird Ready(TM) Live and Dried Mealworms


Wild Bird Seed

At Bird Ready™ our object is the attract the greatest number of birds possible to your backyard. Three of the primary food sources for wild birds are seeds, nuts, and insects.
Though years of attracting wild birds to our own backyards we have created the perfect “No Mess” blend of wild bird seed. No-mess essentially means that there are no shells, thus no waste product after the wild bird has retrieved their seed. No-mess means that there will be nothing left on the ground! No shells to clean up, no millet or corn sprouting in the spring… just clean backyard birding for your family’s enjoyment.
In addition to being no-mess our premium Bird Ready™ blend only contains the products your backyard birds will enjoy. This includes sunflower hearts and chips, roasted peanut halves, nutrasaff (which is safflower without the outer shell) and finally mealworms. This year-round wild bird  formulation is perfect for all types of backyard birds.
Finally I would like to add that our premium blends have no fillers. No corn, millet, wheat, chaff, dust, sticks or twigs. Just awesome wild bird seed.
We sell our products only through our Amazon store. Pick up our 15lbs of Bird Ready Premium Wild Bird Seed today. Fast shipping through USPS Priority Mail!

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