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Squirrel Busters – Yes, they really work!

I definitely live in squirrel country. We get them year-round. And, since you are reading this post you probably have the same problem… I bet they are eating your wild bird seed. This is beyond irritating, squirrels eating the bird seed is also costing you money.

There are two ways to stop a squirrel out in your yard, where the bird feeder is on some type of hook, and only one way to stop a squirrel on your deck. These are:


As long as you are 10′ away from any object (house, fence, tree, etc.) you can simply put a baffle on the pole. Once you wrap this around the pole the squirrel and for that matter the chipmunk can’t get passed it. However, on a deck you never really have that 10′. So, you need an alternative…

On a deck or in a yard with lots of trees around the bird feeder you are stuck with either giving up and feeding the squirrels or, find some type of feeder that is squirrel resistant.

Here comes the Squirrel Buster line from Brome Bird Care. As a user of several of their products I can tell you they work. Instead of needing to be 10′ from the nearest object the Squirrel Buster’s only require 18″.

Why 18″? Because we WANT the squirrel to jump on the feeder. If we only, had it 6″ off the pole then the squirrel would simply reach out and bang of the feeder. Since very few squirrels are longer than a 1 1/2′ (18″) that means they can’t just reach out and get some seed, they have to get on the feeder.

Once on the feeder, all Squirrel Busters work the same way. The feeding ports where the seed comes out automatically closes once the squirrel jumps on. That’s it, pretty simple and naturally since they work, they have sold millions of them (literally).

Since there are many Squirrel Busters to choose from, we found a website that has the advantages and disadvantages spelled out for you. Visit Outdoor Bird Supplies for more information.

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