Bird Ready(TM) Live and Dried Mealworms


Buy Live Mealworms for Birds, Chickens, & Retiles

Bird Ready(TM) Live Mealworms are medium sized live worms. At our NE Atlanta retail store, Outdoor Bird Supplies, they are typically sold to feed the Eastern Bluebird. Besides feeding wild birds (any bird feeding on the ground will eat them) they are also used to feed home grown chickens, and reptiles such as pet geckos, bearded dragons, and turtles. Many people use them to help compost yard waste since mealworms love to eat organic matter. We even have people that fish with them.

Live Mealworms

We use to complete our orders.

For 2000 Mealworms at $24.99 click the link below.

For 5000 Mealworms at $39.99 click the link below

Here’s what happens next:

All orders placed before 2pm, Monday – Wednesday will ship on the same day. All orders after 2pm, Thursday, Fridays, or holidays and/or weekends with ship on the next business day.

All Bird Ready(TM) live mealworms are guaranteed to arrive fresh and alive!

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