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Wheat Bran

Bird Ready is your leading choice to purchase wheat bran. We use the bran for the bedding of our live mealworm farm. The mealworms and darkling beetles will end up consuming all of the wheat bran before they are harvested. Which means, we go through a lot of it!

While looking for wheat bran to purchase wholesale for our own business we have noticed that retail wheat bran purchases look extremely expensive. I think we can help with that problem.

While we use wheat bran for insect bedding, most people are probably cooking with it, making bread, cereal, muffins, and other items. It is an all-natural source for fiber. We ask our distributors to sell us only food grade soft “course” wheat bran, which works perfect for our business.

Close-up picture of soft course wheat bran

If you are interested in purchasing a few pounds of wheat bran, we package it in 6 Lbs. per box. With each box containing 3 easy to handle 2 Lbs. ziplocked bags.

The price for 6 Lbs. of Wheat Bran including shipping is just $24.99. We use PayPal as our credit card processor. All orders processed before 2pm will be shipped the same day using either USPS or UPS Ground depending on location.

Click Here to Purchase Your 6 Lbs. Box for Just $24.99 with Free Shipping

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