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Got Goldfinches?

In the southeast we expect to see goldfinches all year but lately… at least in NE Atlanta this beautiful bird has been missing in action. As you may know Bird Ready™ is also owned by The Best Nest of Georgia, Inc. which also owns a small Wild Bird Center. Typically in January we’ll place all of our goldfinch merchandise upfront with a large sign that sBackyard birdfeeding male goldfinchesays “It’s Goldfinch Time!” This year we haven’t set it up yet. From my own backyard birding experience and from our local customer’s comments this particular backyard bird has been for the most part “missing in action.” To be fair we do have customers coming in and saying they have them in bunches but those particular customers are the minority. For me this has been going on for a while. Back in 2015 I commented on on this topic. Their article Where Have All My Goldfinches Gone? hit home for me. Even in 2015 goldfinches were a Jan – May event. I would put up my backyard Nyjer (thistle) feeder or a blend of nyjer/sunflower, as you see in the picture above, in early January. By Mother’s Day I was taking this feeder down and replacing it with a Hummingbird Feeder. This January 2017 I have seen a few (very few) goldfinches but not like years past. Hopefully this is just an aberration and not a negative goldfinch trend. Definitely keep your goldfinch feeders up, but  please check them constantly while the seed is sitting in the backyard feeder. That type of seed is small and tends to mold if it gets wet. We’ll keep you posted as the goldfinches arrive.



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