Bird Ready(TM) Live and Dried Mealworms


Sanctuary Feeders

Gilbertson Sanctuary Feeder

The Gilbertson feeder in this picture is called a sanctuary feeder due to the fact that smaller birds can get into the sanctuary to eat while larger birds are kept out. In this case we are trying to feed bluebirds, wrens, and warblers dried mealworms. It just so happens starlings LOVE mealworms and they come in bunches. So instead of going broke I’ve hung up a sanctuary feeder.

This is a new feeder in a new location for our house. Notice that I have sprinkled mealworms all around the feeder. I do this so the birds will eventually find them and will eventually go into the feeder. It can take some time to “train” the birds to feel safe enough to go in but they will when they are ready.

Sanctuary feeders come in many styles, some with cages, some with small bluebird sized holes. They all do the same thing – they let the little birds in! Give one a try if you are being eaten out of house and home by larger birds.

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