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2nd Bluebird Nesting

Early May – Time for the 2nd Bluebird Nesting

At Bird Ready (TM) we try to keep you informed, here in NE Atlanta it is time for the eastern bluebirds to start their 2nd brood. I captured this shot this morning. Looks like we have a male trying to show off the new digs for a house shopping female.

As you may know bluebirds will go house shopping during the nesting season. In this shot the male is trying to get the female to notice the house. These two have been at it for days. He’ll show up to the house, then she shows up… they’ll do this over an over again at different locations until SHE decides where to nest.

To get your nest box (birdhouse) ready make sure you have removed the old nest. Clean the box out if it is dirty or moldy (5% bleach solution if needed) make sure it is in good repair. Finally like the picture above, notice I have cut back the knockout rose. This plant will grow up over the box if you let it so cut back your plants to give the box an open feel.

PS: One more point – that knockout rose is a natural deterrent for 4 legged predators.

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