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Adult Non-breading European Starling

European Starlings were introduced in the US in the 1800s. They are classified as Least Concerned (LC) which means the birds are doing very well.

Some backyard birders have issues with the starling due to the fact that being insect eaters they will consume every mealworm in a feeder. So if you have a mealworm budget you may want to either install a bluebird sanctuary feeder or a caged mealworm feeder to keep the larger birds away.

Especial thanks to @TheBestNest_GA for this great picture of a pair of adult non-breeding starlings ravishing this mealworm feeder. You can tell the European starlings are non-breeding by the white spots in the plumage. During the breeding season the spots, which are actually the white tips of each feather, wear off which gives this bird a solid iridescent black/brown/blue color.

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