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Squirrel Away Baffle

Here’s the tip of the day… If you are struggling to keep the squirrels off your food then this “Witches Hat” may be for you. Arundale Products is the manufacturer and the official name for the product is a “Squirrel Away Baffle.”

This low tech piece of backyard wild bird feeding equipment is made of a tough acrylic that stays clear for years. Just to impress you how well this works they have been making the same baffle since 1975! This witches hat works best when the squirrel is heading down the line to the top of the feeder. They will just slide right off.

In the picture below I have the wild bird feeder tucked up into the hat to keep the squirrels from jumping at it from a post that is only 2′ away. That’s an easy jump for a squirrel so if you have a post or tree trunk nearby its works best if the feeder is small enough so they can’t come at it from the side.

Witches Hat Squirrel Away Baffle

Quick note… It took the birds a few days to realize that it was safe to get under the Squirrel Away Baffle. Once they got the hang of it the feeder became pretty popular. This baffle will set you back about $30 at a local wild bird store; However, the amount of money you will save on seed is well worth it!

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