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Fall Plants in Bloom

It’s fall and some of the late bloomers like the pineapple sage below have finally come around. This plant gets fairly tall. It’s at least 5′, in fact I trim it back on one side to allow for these pictures. You’ll notice in the second picture I have an Aspects Hummingbird Feeder in the middle of the plant.

One bonus of this plant is it makes a pretty good tea. Just cut 3 leaves, put them in some water and microwave – poof sage tea (I add a little lemon as well and pour it over ice.)

Ruby-throated hummingbird on pineapple sage

Hummingbird on Aspects Hi-view hummingbird feeder

This is a Skipper (not a hummingbird but it can be mistaken for one by the way it looks and flies.)This skipper is hitting Lantana. Lantana grows fast, makes a great bush and blooms during the later part of summer. I do see the hummingbirds as well as a slew of butterflies on the Lantana all season long.

Skipper hitting the Lantana

Have fun with these two plants – PS: The lantana is hearty as well… I’ve literally moved it to 3 different locations in the yard!

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